A Young Woman Cuddling with an Adorable Infant Horse


Horses aren’t usually the sort of animals that people think of in terms of being cuddly. Horses are large and powerful animals that people can ride. They aren’t small and cute like dogs and cats. However, even horses start out small and cute, much like the foal in this video. The baby horse manages to cuddle with a woman just as effectively as a dog or a cat would, lying on her chest as they both lie on the ground.

An adult horse looks on as the two of them cuddle, as if to represent what the foal is going to look like upon achieving adulthood, in a way that almost seems to imply a narrative. This video shows that horses can bond with humans as easily as dogs and cats in some instances. People on Facebook would find this video adorable and heartwarming, especially if any of them are equestrians.

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