A Woman On Britain’s Got Talent Turns Her Legs Into Puppets


People who have watched Britain’s Got Talent time and time again might feel that they’ve seen every possible act. The performer in this video, Anne Klinge, doesn’t describe her act when she’s first introduced. It quickly becomes clear that this is because her act really does have to be seen to be believed. Even the people in this video are stunned by Anne Klinge’s act.

She arranges herself so that both of her legs have been turned into different puppets, with the feet representing the heads, complete with wigs, costumes, fake noses, and everything else. Her upper body was out-of-sight during the act. She then performs a veritable puppet show with her legs. The leg puppets manage to interact with each other much like regular puppets, and they kiss and dance to the background music. This is just the sort of genuinely unconventional act that even many jaded fans would love to see on Facebook or elsewhere

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