Witness the Beautiful and Haunting Melody of Jackie Evancho’s Rendition of Coming Home


Coming Home was originally released by Skylar Grey and has become a beloved hit that has unofficially become the theme song for those soldiers who are on their way home from battle. As Jackie begins her opening melody, the lilting sounds of her voice sound both haunting and emotional. As you watch the story unfold on the video, you may need to have some tissues nearby so you can wipe the tears.

This beautiful melody will bring a chill down your spine as you imagine what our soldiers are going through as they are so far away from home. Her voice blends perfectly with each note of the song and offers a new perspective on the worldwide hit. Whether you love the song, are a fan of Jackie Evancho, or have never even heard of this talented singer, you are sure to love this video. Once you watch it, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can hear it!

Jackie Evancho

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