An Uptown Funk Lip Dub That Will Get Everyone Dancing


Youtube has been a valuable resource for all sorts of musicians and entertainers. Many of them may never have been able to get their work out there before, and today, they can almost instantly gain audiences of thousands of people. Their audience members are also able to get exposed to musical styles that they may never have seen otherwise. This video features an uptown funk lip dub that will instantly energize even the most lethargic audience member.

The performers in the video are dressed as firefighters, custodians, police officers, and other people in similar professionals. They are all energetically performing the lip dub. The production values on the video are very crisp and clear, almost allowing the people watching to feel as if they are actually there. This feeling will only make it that much easier for all the audience members to feel like they want to participate. This is the sort of video that people love sharing on Facebook, and it will brighten anyone’s day.

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