This Terrier Overcame the Odds Through the Help of a Woman Living 2000 Miles Away


When Laura saw pictures of Sophie, she was brought to tears in seeing the pain the little dog was going through. Even though she lived all the way across the country, she knew she had to do something to help. In this video, you will learn about the journey of little Sophie and all she went through just to survive. This story will thrill your heart and bring tears of joy to your eyes.

As you watch this video, you will be amazed at all Sophie went through! She is a fighter and is determined to be able to run again. After being hit by a car and breaking the bones in her hips, she could not walk. After surgery, she was finally able to run free again and enjoy the life provided to her by her new owner. You will love seeing this little one running again! Once you watch it, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy it too!


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