A Talented Performing Couple From Asia


Talent competitions have become popular enough that they can be found all across the world. There are plenty of other counterparts to the America’s Got Talent program and the Britain’s Got Talent program, including Asia’s Got Talent. The program is not done in spoken English, at least for the most part, but this video does have English subtitles provided. Some of the judges also do brief translations for some of their neighboring judges, so English speakers shouldn’t have a problem with the program. Some of the judges do speak in English at the end as well, so the program strikes a nice multilingual balance.

In this video, people get to see a boyfriend and girlfriend demonstrate their fascinating and complicated acrobatic dancing. The performers, Gao and Liu, create a mesmerizing performance that demonstrates tremendous strength, agility, and athleticism. Their chemistry as performers and their chemistry as partners is evident during every minute of their spectacular performance piece. This video would be the perfect thing to share on Facebook for both the artistry and the subtle romance.

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