Sweet Monkey Loves Squirt Whipped Cream


The monkey in this video absolutely loves squirt whipped cream! When her owner pulls out the Reddi Whip, she immediately opens her mouth and is ready. It is so adorable to watch her enjoying the sweet cream. Each time her owner gives her a squirt, she laps it up like it is the most delicious treat she has ever eaten. When the monkey’s owner sets down the can of cream, the monkey figures out how she can treat herself.

This is truly an adorable video you will not want to miss out on. We have all been guilty of eating whipped cream this way! This monkey knows it tastes better when squirted directly in the mouth. Who knew monkeys loved whipped cream so much. She is a cutie to watch so make sure you look at her expressions. Check out this adorable monkey and Please SHARE on Facebook for all to enjoy.

Teresa Bullock

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