Graduating Students Defy the Order to Not Say the Lord’s Prayer During Commencement


This news video shows the story of the graduating class of East Liverpool. For over seventy years, this school has sung the Lord’s prayer as a part of their graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, the Freedom From Religion organization wrote the school and demanded they immediately stop reciting or singing the prayer so the principal had no choice but to end the tradition. Although it upset students and their families, the school’s hands were tied because they had no money to fight.

During the procession, the students planned something that shook a fist in the face of the law. They decided they wanted to keep the tradition of the Lord’s Prayer and when the valedictorian stepped to the stage, he asked the students to stand.

When they finished reciting the prayer, the crowd went wild and you will too! These students proved they are a generation of revolution! If you are proud of these students, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see this video.

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