The Story Of Nissa Smith Who Recovered From The Locked-In Syndrome


This is a sad, yet very encouraging story about this lady from Utah whose story hit the world headlines nearly a decade ago with a big medical crisis. Nissa Smith was taken to hospital after she suffered a stroke which only worsened the next morning. She couldn’t move, walk or do anything; she lay motionless on the hospital bed, a condition known as locked-in syndrome.

The doctors let the family know that she could never wake up from her condition and they had to either accept to see her in this condition for the rest of her life or let her go.
Just when everyone had given up hope, one nurse noticed a sparkle in her eye. This was all it took for the medical team to realize that she could be saved.

In this clip, Nissa Smith explains how it feels to be trapped in an active mind, with a body that cannot move. It is joy to see her enjoying watching her kids grow by the day. Please SHARE this touching story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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