Steps to Make A Crowd Pleasing Cosmopolitan


The Cosmopolitan is a tasty drink. This video will show a person how to make it at home. They will see everything they need to make the perfect Cosmo.

To make this drink a person will start by gathering everything they need including the proper glass. The will slice a lime in half and remove the line juice. The alcohol will then go into a shaker as well as the lime juice. This includes vodka and triple sec. To give the Cosmopolitan the pink color that people have come to recognized some cranberry juice is added to the shaker as well. The drink is then lightly shook around and strained. It is garnished with some orange zest and then served.

Many people love this drink because it has a hint of sweetness without being too sweet. There is a little bit of a tart flavor coming through from the lemon juice as well. The Cosmopolitan has a taste everyone can enjoy. Please SHARE in Facebook.

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