Someone Tied A Dog To A Tree So That It Could Dies, Then This Happened… Heartwarming!


It was on the night of January 2015, when a call came in from someone claiming that there was a dog which was tied on to a tree somewhere up in the mountain. Without wasting time, the rescue team took a car and went up the mountain in search of him. They made regular stops to search for him. The rescue team faced a hard time in looking for the dog as the night was totally dark and extremely cold. Then they finally found the pooch on one of the stops they made. He was indeed tied on the tree.

The dog was indeed very weak. They untied him and took him to the car. Carrying him to the car, they noted that he was very light compared to a feather. They ferried him to one of their shelter so as to ensure he was in a warm place. He was to remain here till he finally finds a permanent home.

Giving him a visit on the next day, they were very much surprised that he was a hunting dog that might have been abandoned by the hunter owning him. The vet who carried out some health checkups was able to discover that the dog had been micro chipped. They called the owner who gave them the full story of how he had bought him costly, and how he gave him out to a hunter. Since he was nine years and started limping, the hunter tied him up at a tree so that he would be found later.

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