Shocked Mom Finds Pedophile Symbol On Her Daughter’s New Toy


This video is meant to shed light on a subject most people are not aware of. Though most everyone knows there are pedophiles, many people do not realize they use symbols to identify their preference for young boys and girls. When a mother purchased a toy from a Monster Truck show, she was blown away when she saw the heart within a heart symbol on the toy. This symbol is used by pedophiles as a way to let others around them know their sexual preference. Although it appears the toy maker had no clue about the meaning, they are working to rectify the situation.

It is vital every parent watches this video so they can be aware of the symbols these pedophiles use! If they see someone wearing these symbols, they should be extremely cautious and protective of their children. This informative video needs to be spread to all parents so Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Young Turks

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