Selenay Dagdelen Slays Her Blind Audition On The Voice Kids With “I Will Always Love You’


“I Will Always Love You” is a song that is very difficult to sing. Many have tried to duplicate the high notes Whitney could reach, but many have failed. In this video, from The Voice Kids, you will see a blind audition that will thrill your soul! Selenay Dagdelen is a beautiful young girl who has the voice of an angel. When she hits the high notes of this beautiful ballad, the judges immediately pound their buttons and turn to see who is singing with such skill.

Whether this young girl wins or loses in the competition, she is a winner in the hearts of her fans! It is clear she will have a glorious career ahead of herself because she has such talent and works to control her voice so beautifully. You will truly enjoy this beautiful audition video. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy it for themselves.

The Voice Kids

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