See What Happens When Two Brothers Make Their Sister Think the Zombie Apocalypse Has Happened


When these two brothers found out their little sister was having her wisdom teeth removed, they made a plan to prank her in the most epic of ways. This video shows her being picked up after her procedure, still high from the anesthesia drugs she was given. As soon as they are on their way home, the fun ensues! This prank will have you laughing out loud as you see her reaction to every zany stunt her brothers pull.

These brothers have gone to great lengths to ensure this video will be a hilarious one for their sister! As they keep up the charade throughout the video, the situation grows even funnier. It is likely this young lady will not remember anything that happened during the filming so it is awesome her loving brothers were kind enough to video it and share it for the world to see! If you enjoyed this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so the fun can be spread as fast as a zombie outbreak!

Cabot Phillips

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