Puppy Has Deformed Legs But Never Gives Up


When you see this sweet video, be prepared to experience a range of emotions. This little pup surely has a problem walking because of her deformed front legs. Although her legs are not straight and she has difficulty, she never lets her disability cause her to quit! Seeing her keep going no matter what is sure to encourage you, no matter what you may be going through in life.

This little puppy likely does not even realize she is disabled because of her leg deformity. She keeps trying to run towards her owner and loves remaining active. This sweet puppy is only two months old and was rescued from the shelter. Little Ella is a true fighter and is the sweetest puppy you could ever meet! Watch her come running, despite the horrific congenital defect that should have prevented her from walking. Check out little Ella and Please SHARE on Facebook for everyone to enjoy!

Roz Harris

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