Pug Gets Stolen During a Robbery And Is Then Reunited With Her Owner


When this woman’s house was burglarized, they took her pug, Lola. For days, the woman was terribly concerned about her safety, wondering if she had been killed! This video shows the awesome reunion between the two. When the sweet little pug sees her owner for the first time, she can barely contain her excitement and quickly covers her entire face in loving kisses. This is the kind of video you wish you could see more of in the world today!

These unscrupulous thieves not only stole belongings from the victim, they also took her beloved dog. Thankfully, the dog was not harmed in any way and was able to be reunited with her owner so she was safe again. This is a beautiful moment to witness for any pet owner who knows what it is like to lose a pet. To ensure everyone can enjoy this moment of love, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Essex Police

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