Plumber Dives Head-First Into Muddy Water To Fix Customer’s Leak


The man pictured in this video is truly a man that works hard and does not mind getting dirty! When he was at a customer’s home who had a severe leaking water pipe, he did not mind getting right in there and doing his job. When the homeowner came out and saw the man head first down in the water, she snapped a picture because she said her husband would not believe it unless he saw it! This man went above and beyond the call of duty and fixed the problem for the customer.

When you see this video, you will not be able to believe your eyes! Thankfully, this was not a sewer line but the man says he has had to do the same for a busted sewer pipe. This man received a year’s supply of jeans for his hard work. If you believe he deserves a raise, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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