Pit Bull Rescued In Abandoned Detroit Building


This video documents the story of a pit bull dog who was rescued in an abandoned building in Detroit, Michigan.

After the Michigan Humane Society received a message claiming that a dog that could be heard howling in a vacant building, the team decided to send a group out to try and find the pit bull. Two large abandoned buildings were found and extensively searched by the rescue officers, however, finding the dog proved to be trickier.

They ended up searching a fire house but it was not until the last moment that they came across the pit bull, who had fallen down a hole. The scared animal was eventually lured out of the hole, and taken to the shelter. The injured dog had to have an abscess drained, and be given plenty of food and water to bring him back to health and recover from the traumatic experience. Fortunately the Michigan Humane Society were on hand to save this dog Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

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