Nine-Year-Old Girl Is Collecting Blankets To Keep Kids Warm This Winter


Emma Burkhart may only be nine years old but she has a level of determination many do not possess. When she received two of the same kind of blankets last Christmas, she wanted to give one away and figured there might be a lot of kids that would love having one. She was then on a mission to collect as many blankets as she could and ended up collecting over 200!

This year, Emma has made an even tougher goal. She is going to work to gather 350 blankets by the end of the year so she can make sure all of the kids in her town and surrounding area are able to stay warm this winter. What a truly caring young girl Emma is! She is determined to meet her goal so it is important everyone shares this video so others can know to donate. After you watch, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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