Nine-Year-Old Boy Builds An Elaborate Arcade Out Of Cardboard!


This video is one you have got to see to believe! Cain is only nine-years-old but he has already started his own business. He has a great love of arcades and decided he wanted to build his own. So, he started taking boxes from his dad’s auto parts store and began making arcade games. He offers tickets, tokens, and even sells a pass that is good for 500 game plays. When you see the setup this kid has created, you will truly be amazed!

When a Cain finally got his first customer, his dad could not believe it. Little Cain was so excited! The customer decided he wanted to make this video and spread the word about Cain’s Arcade so people in the Los Angeles area would stop in and play. One Sunday, hundreds of people gathered to show their support for this little boy. You will love seeing the huge smile that spreads across his face! Enjoy the video and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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