Marine Marches A Group Of Ducks In Perfect Formation


This short video is quite delightful to watch and will have you smiling from ear to ear. The ducks in this video are being led in perfect formation with marching orders from a marine. As he keeps these ducklings in line, you will not be able to stop from smiling. It seems they pretty much listen to his orders. Perhaps these cuties are marines in training. It is so fun to see them marching along, paying heed to the orders they are being given.

As the ducks march along, the marine barks orders at them to keep them in line. Each time they stray from their formation, he makes sure they get back in line. It is funny to see them lining up in order so they can keep marching along. They are the most adorable marching “soldiers” you have ever seen! After you watch this cute video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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