Man Plays With A Variety Of “Wild” Lions, Tigers, And Leopards


This video offers a rare look into how wild cats play, only these cats are not so wild! When you see the man playing with these beautiful cats, you will be amazed. This video was filmed at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation which is working to protect these beautiful creatures to ensure they do not become extinct. During the fun, a leopard suddenly runs quickly to attack the man when a tiger steps in and thwarts his efforts!

When you see how close the man came to being hurt in some way by the leopard, you will not believe your eyes. He is lucky the tiger had his watchful eye on him or things could have been worse. After giving the leopard a good scolding, the fun most likely continued. These beautiful animals are so sweet but it is important to remember they are wild! Watch this close call video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

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