A Lovely Slow Motion Video Featuring a Woman Taking an Idyllic Winter Walk With a Dog


Part of raising awareness about the importance of helping animals involves raising awareness about the sheer joy of being with animals in the first place, and this video manages to get that across. It portrays a woman walking her dog, and yet it manages to communicate so much more.

The two of them are walking down the street in a winter wonderland on a sunny day after a recent snow. The video manages to showcase some of the most treasured moments that dogs and their human owners will share together. It helps create the feelings that people need in order to really care about animals, helping them appreciate animals more in the process.

People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is a truly lovely video to watch, and it is a video that manages to advance the cause of animal rights in a very subtle fashion for everyone.

World Animal Awareness Society

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