Lounging on a Couch With a Great Dane Who’s In the Way


Lounging on a couch with one’s beloved family pet can be fun and relaxing, but it’s tougher with a dog that’s sufficiently large. Great Danes are dogs that will hog the bed or hog the couch regardless of almost any other factor. The Great Dane in this video manages to demonstrate this principle very nicely.

The dog’s owner is clearly exhausted and disinterested in giving the dog any sort of attention. The dog, naturally, isn’t really lounging on the couch. The dog is more or less lounging on the owner. Throughout the video, the owner tries to take the situation in stride and ignore the enormous dog that is lounging all over him, but he’s clearly irritated by the whole thing. His lack of obvious response only makes it funnier. People on Facebook will probably be laughing about this video all day long, and they will SHARE it with their friends so they can do the same.

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