Little Girl Saves Mother After Falling Down Stairs


Due to their keen intuition, we’ve all seen videos of dogs, and even cats, saving their owners from immediate peril time and time again. One thing seen less often; however, is a child doing the same thing. This video breaks that trend. The video lets us in on a news story wherein we hear a 911 call transpire between a little girl and an operator.

The little girl informs the woman on the other end that her mother has fallen down the stairs. She acts as a communication platform between the 911 operator and her mother seamlessly as she does as the operator asks until the ambulance shows up. Needless to say the person on the other line was a little surprised when she found out that this wasn’t a little kid playing on the phone, but a serious call. While we sometimes dismiss the cries of children, videos like this help us remember that, sometimes, our dismissal is misplaced. If you like this video, please SHARE it on Facebook.


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