Little Girl Makes A Big Difference With A Little Act Of Kindness Towards A Homeless Man


Almost every part of the world has homeless people and they are often ignored. When the little girl in this video passed a man sitting on the sidewalk, she saw he was in tears. She immediately stopped her mommy and asked her what was wrong with the man. Instead of shrugging it off and ignoring his cries, the little girl went back and wanted to know what was wrong. The story the man told will cause you to cry yourself!

It seems this poor man lost his wife and all he had when his mobile home caught fire. Now homeless, he did not know what he was going to do. This little girl gave the man her cold drink and the money she had in her purse. It is kind acts like the one in this video that gives us all hope that humanity is not totally lost! To share this little girl’s good deed with the world, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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