These Laughing Babies Will Really Warm Your Heart!


When you watch this video you won’t be able to stop laughing. As you will see, two very small twin boys are sitting inside of a pool that has no water in it. There is also a dog sitting in the pool with them. What happens next will make you laugh out loud!

As the dog jumps in and out of the pool, the twins start laughing and cannot stop! The babies giggle uncontrollably and they seem to love watching the dog. They laugh and laugh as the dog jumps in and out of the pool for a treat that is being offered to him by the babies mother.

This super funny video will really put a smile on your face. There’s something in a baby’s laugh that will make anyone who hears it laugh as well. Truly babies are a bundle of joy! In order for others to enjoy this really happy video, please SHARE it with everyone that you know on Facebook. They will thank you if you do!

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