A Large Egg That Was Found to Contain Another Egg And Had Two Yolks


Nature is full of little oddities when it comes to the ways in which animals reproduce. In this video, viewers will actually get a recording of an egg that seems to work like a nesting doll. In nesting dolls, the larger, outer doll contains a smaller doll inside, and then a smaller one. This large egg literally contained a normal-sized egg inside, which became apparent when the larger egg was cracked open to reveal the smaller egg.

The large egg contained a yolk, and the smaller egg was found floating in the fluid of that yolk when the bigger egg was cracked open. The smaller egg had its own yolk. While both of their yolks appeared to be fairly normal, and people would never suspect that they had such a unique origin story from the looks of them, their origin story is certainly memorable. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is a weird curiosity.


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