These Kids Wow The Judges With Their MC Hammer Performance!


On this episode of America’s Got Talent, two tiny performers are about to wow the judges and the crowd with a retro dance routine. An eight-year-old and a seven-year-old dance team have some really smooth moves. As they take the stage you can tell that they both have a lot of spunk about them.

When the music starts, the crowd goes wild. They start to move to the hit song “You can’t touch this” that was originally performed by MC Hammer. Just like MC Hammer used to move around the stage, this boy and girl tandem does the same. After they get done with the performance, the judges seem really impressed and they give the boy and girl a rave review.

The crowd also love these two children and surely they will go far in this competition. Please let other people enjoy this video by SHARING it on Facebook. They will really be glad that you did.

Anthony Ying

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