Japanese Marine Park Captures Rare Prehistoric Shark on Film


There are some strange species lurking at the bottom of sea, and this rare prehistoric shark is one of the weirdest. Caught on video by a Japanese marine park, the shark has hardly ever been spotted since it generally lurks around 2,000 feet deep.

The scary shark is long and wrinkly and looks and moves quite similar to an eel.

Fossil findings in the earth’s layer concluded that the species dates back 80 million years, and it was a huge surprise to discover such an ancient creature. Experts knew that such sharks were still in existence, as their corpses often end up in fishing nets, however, it is extremely uncommon for one to be found alive.

The five-foot frilled shark, which was found off the coast of Japan, was taken back to the Awashima Marine Park to try and keep her alive, however, she was unable to survive and died shortly afterwards.Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

Rob Dan

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