An Inspiring Story of How Anyone Can Make a Difference


Watch this video as Sarah, a student and a barista, tells her story of how she met a deaf girl once and it changed her life. This is the beginning of a story that will move you, bring you to tears, and make you smile.

If you are deaf or have friends or family who are, you know the struggle that deaf people have to face in the everyday world. Quite apart from not being able to speak and associated struggles, they are also not understood by other people. People don’t take an interest in understanding them.

Sarah will inspire you to follow Jesus, no matter where it takes you. She is currently working in Thailand, serving coffee to people who have been victims of human trafficking, and a large number of that include deaf people.

This video will reinstate your faith in God, and you will remember that when He wants to have his voice heard, he finds his most faithful followers and does good work through them.

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