An Impatient Little Girl Tries to Yell At Her New Baby Brother to Come Out of the Womb


Some siblings more or less wish their siblings could go back in the womb. Other siblings, like the little girl in this video, want the opposite occurrence. The mother in this video is very heavily pregnant with her next child at forty weeks along, and it seems that even her little daughter is getting impatient with the development of the pregnancy. In this video, her daughter is literally yelling at her brother to come out of the womb.

Her mother mostly finds this amusing, although she probably feels the same way. Her little daughter seems somewhat unclear about how pregnancy and childbirth work, which makes the video and the situation that much more amusing.

People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is a situation that a lot of siblings can probably relate to, and a situation many women who have had long pregnancies will certainly recognize from their own experiences.

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