Hotel Guests Make A Mad Rush To Grab Sun Loungers By The Pool


This video is quite astonishing to watch! Here, the staff at the famous Flamingo Oasis is cleaning up the pool area so it can be opened for all of the guests. Once they are given the word, they suddenly begin a mad dash for the sun loungers, grabbing them and setting them up faster than you can almost blink. These people are truly serious about getting the best spot by the pool!

Can you imagine going here for vacation and having to make a mad rush just to get a sun lounger and your favorite spot by the pool? These people were very serious about making sure they got their lounger. Who can blame them because sitting on the concrete would not be fun! It is funny to see them all running like little ants going after crumbs from a picnic. After you have watched this crazy video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

jason wilson

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