A Great Song Deserves to Be Sung by a Great Artist


There are plenty of great songs that have been done by great artists over the years. And thanks to new audition shows that allow singers to sing those same songs in their own versions, we get to hear those songs again, only a little differently. This video for example shows how Charice Pempengco can really use her pipes as she sings the song “All By Myself”.

Standing on stage in a black dress and surrounded by the orchestra and the audience she raises the microphone to her mouth and belts out the melody perfectly. The audience is left captivated to the very end, and you will be too. Than as she reaches the final notes in the song she really lets loose and you can see just how good a singer Charice really is.

You will know when she is done that it is how the song should be song, as it leaves everyone applauding and on their feet.

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