Good Samaritan Tackles A Thief Who Was Beating And Robbing A Grandmother


This video shows the incredible footage of a 76-year-old grandmother who was being beaten and robbed right outside of a grocery store, in broad daylight. When the young man in this video heard her cries for help, he did what he felt anyone would do. He ran in and saved the day! As you see him go after the thief, you will not be able to believe your eyes!

This man is a true hero and deserves to be honored for his deeds. He made sure the suspect was apprehended and held the thief until the police could get there. Imagine if you came across such a scene? Would you have the guts to help or would you turn away? Thankfully, this man did the right thing and possibly saved this woman’s life. Now, the thief will be punished for his crimes. After watching the video, Please SHARE on Facebook so this man can be honored.

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