Ellen DeGeneres Interviews an Extraordinarily Gifted Three-Year-Old Child on Her Show


Gifted children are always a shock to watch. There is something odd about a child that has a child’s body and the mind of an adult, especially if other aspects of them are childlike. The little girl in this interview is only three years old, and she is not big for her age. She speaks very well for a three-year-old, and yet she still has a hard time forming the words that she speaks properly, given her extreme youth.

She can recite the entire periodic table. Since she is sounding out words and cannot read, this suggests she might be something of an oral learner, but one way or another, she is very gifted. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is always interesting to see children as intelligent as this in any context, and the interview is very engaging to watch as a result of Ellen’s interviewing skills.


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