An Elderly Woman Demonstrates To Some Young Punks That She is Not a Person To Be Hassled


Many people victimize elderly people because they are under the impression that they cannot fight back, and that their lives and their happiness are worthless. This comedy video helps hold that overall attitude up for ridicule in every way, shape, and form. Despite the video’s exaggerated elements, there is a message in it at the core.

The elderly woman in the comedy video is on a walker. A couple of young guys on a motorcycle literally ride in circles around her. Then, they ride in circles around her and steal her purse. Fortunately, she is ready for them, and she manages to blow up their motorcycle remotely as vengeance for what they did. The video subverts the audience expectations and surprises everyone.

People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly funny, and it manages to offer a little bit of support for elderly people through its comedy as well.

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