Dogs Usually Avoid Bath Time, But Not Misty. See Her In The Video… Hilarious!


Dogs don’t like water, and they always try to avoid bath time. In this video that you are about to watch, Misty, the Corgi, runs off for a shower stall every time his master calls him for the shower. Brian Kluth, Misty’s owner, says that the video clips were taken at different houses. They are evidence that Misty doesn’t fear water. She can shower at any place.

As Kluth says, Misty is a funny Corgi that enjoys taking a shower. Kluth continues to say that the Corgi enjoys drinking water out of the tap and loves being saturated by the shower head. Kluth follows up on the number of likes, comments, and views this favorite video has on his Twitter.

Misty has joined other popular Corgis on the internet. Queen Elizabeth prefers the dog breed which she has kept from the time she was young. A 2016 Vanity Fair article has revealed that King George VI and the Queen Mum began the royal Corgi tradition with the dog called Dookie.

Even though Misty is not one of the royal Corgis, she is amusing. Spread the love and make someone’s day complete. Also, remember to SHARE the video on Facebook with your friends.

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