A cute Video Of An Asian Lady Hugging 5 Baby Pandas Crying For Her Attention


This video is about an Asian lady who is a panda hugger, if we may call her so. She appears to be in what seems like an animal park or orphanage, where she is sitting on the ground together with 5 baby pandas crawling next to her. It is so adorable how she hugs two baby pandas, which are crying for her embrace as she hugs them so gently with love and care.

As the other three pandas crawl around trying to find her, the two baby pandas that she is hugging cling to her big jacket and they don’t want to let go. You can hear onlookers laughing and giggling as they are amazed by the sight. She finally manages to reach out for one of the baby pandas that seems to be getting away and begins hugging it too. Just when you thought that nothing else could make the panda look any cuter, this Asian lady does exactly that.

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