These Cuddly Cows Were Rescued and Introduced to a New and Glorious Life


As most people know, male cows serve little purpose on a dairy farm. When these two brothers were born, their destiny was not clear. Most male cows that are born on dairy farms are fattened for slaughter or used for mating. Thankfully, The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats was able to step in and rescue these two cuties so their fate will be a happy one for the rest of their days! As you watch this video, your heart will melt over the “udder” cuteness of these two.

You will want to watch this sweet video again and again as you witness the way these two act as they discover their new surroundings! It is so amazing to see how they soon blossom as they are fed and loved by the staff at Soledad Goats. Thankfully, this organization was able to step in before it was too late! After you have watched this video, Please SHARE on Facebook for everyone to enjoy!


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