Couple in Their Twenties Finally Learns How to Dress Like Grownups Do


In this video, you will meet a couple who recently graduated from college and have found themselves in a rut with their clothing and hair. Unfortunately, they both dress like college kids who found their clothes at a thrift store. With his holy shirts, shoes, and pants and her robes and pajamas, it was a difficult makeover for Carson Kressley to pull off but he was able to completely transform this couple! When you see the finale of the video, you are going to be completely shocked. Even Oprah said she would not have been able to pick them out in a police lineup.

This loving couple was totally cool with Carson completely making over their wardrobe and their hair. Although it must have been tough giving up those comfortable clothes they were accustomed to wearing, there is no way they can look in the mirror now and not like what they see! If you think this video is awesome, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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