He Couldn’t Interact With Other Dogs. Now See What Happens When Sidewalk Specials Find Him


A puppy named Simba just wanted someone to back him, and through Sidewalk Special’s kind-bigheartedness, he got that.

Simba was very shy as a puppy. He would spend time alone, not related with other dogs, and shiver with his tail put between his legs if humans came near him.


He was rescued from the “Great Escape” rescue. However, one can just think of what Simba experienced to act in this manner.

Unhappily, his sensitive nature was understood as unfriendly; therefore, Simba was given out to be put to death humanely. Additionally, Simba had an early tick fever that left him with fewer chances of survival.

It appeared all expectations were lost for this cute dog until Sidewalk Special intervened.

And the group was as good as their initiative states.

Sidewalk Specials took Simba to the most excellent vet care possible at Vet Point where he was given medication for tick fever.

They then placed Simba in a foster home where he was taken care of by a big fur brother.


Through his brother and the foster home, Simba got used to love and affection from people and dogs alike.

After he was completely healed, it was time for his adoption and Simba was shy, and scared that nobody would want him.

He did not know that Simba’s fear was far away from the reality.


Simba was taken to his permanent home right away. His new family was waiting for their visitor Simba to come.

The puppy’s transformation proves everything.

His terrified, large eyes are now filled with contentment. He is not afraid to play with other dogs again. He keeps running around and spends time with his loving family.


All Simba required was one more chance, and thanks to Sidewalk Specials, he got one loving permanent home.

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