Colorblind Teen Is Given The Amazing Gift Of Special Glasses That Allow Her To See Color


This video is so deeply touching and may just bring a tear to your eye! The young lady in this video is a teenager who is colorblind. She was diagnosed with legally being colorblind when she was only twelve years old and has always longed to be able to recognize colors. When special glasses came out on the market that allowed colorblind people to be able to see, she knew she would have to wait until she was older and had a job so she could afford them.

Her art instructor, classmates, and school chipped in and purchased Stevie Kaczor these amazing glasses. In this video, you will see her reaction when she is able to see colors for the first time. When she notices the world around her changing right before her eyes, it brings her to tears. This sweet video is a joy to watch. Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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