A Beautiful Home That’s Designed To Cater Long Term Care Needs


Building homes for the elderly is a very important job. The job is normally done by major companies and the homes can often lack individuality. One man by the name of Jon Nystrom took matters into his own hands and designed a home for him and his wife. He planned the home for their long care needs and incorporated many features that will allow them to live in the home well into their retirement. The Nystrom’s house is not just very functional but beautiful as well.

This home was so well put together that Jon was awarded the Fine Homebuilding Homes Award. This award is not often given out to homeowners. But since Jon put a ton of time and effort into seeing the project through, he was given the award. Please make sure to SHARE this beautiful story with all of your friends and family on Facebook. It just might help inspire them to design a home of their own, which they can use in their retirement years.


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