This Alaskan Malamute May Be A Bit Lazy But She Sure Is Cute!


If you live life a little on the lazy side, you will be able to completely relate to this gorgeous Alaskan Malamute and how she likes to dine. When her food dish is brought to her, she is not overly excited about eating but prefers to hang out and chill, allowing her paws to be fully stretched out as she enjoys each bite. This video is perfect for those who like chilling while they eat!

This pretty girl will have you smiling from the moment you see her. This is the way many people feel on Mondays, simply trying to enjoy themselves without breaking a sweat. This dog proves you can be lazy and still get things done! What an adorable beauty she is! She is living the high life and does not mind anyone knowing. If this video makes you laugh, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can too.

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